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"Long before human existed, lived four overlords. 
The four ruled the world together, peacefully, making the world a happy place.

But they began to fall apart as they grow. 
They began to dislike each other's way of ruling, and waged a war so that the lastone standing would rewrite the Akashic Records and reshape the world as they see fit.

Thus, the world was split into four factions. 
Each overlord resides their own factions.

Elysion, the Holy Faction of Angels. 
Deserter, the Dark Faction of Daemons. 
Undersea, the Peaceful Faction of Nature. 
Barrier, the Neutral Faction of Bravery."

The story of Transcendence Legacy revolves around Xyrania, an Elysion's holy knight who was "gifted" with dark power. Later, he got recruited by an assassin of Deserter, Xycelion, to leave Elysion and join the Deserter, offering a more suitable place for Xyrania to live in as a bearer of the dark power. But how did Xyrania obtain his dark powers? Why was he born as a holy knight of Elysion?
Little did he know what fate awaits him.

Recruitable Characters- Recruit new allies with unique abilities to assist you in your journey.

Skill Learn System- Build up your characters with plenty of learnable skills and abilities.

Crafting System- Craft items to use in battle.

Turn Based Combat- Fight enemies in turn based battle system.


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